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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] We're already behind

"Eve L. Maler" wrote:
> In last week's meeting (which unfortunately I could not attend), attendees
> decided on the following schedule:
> >5. Planning for March 11 deadline (till x:30)
> >
> >     - Feb 6:        Start code lists, start elements vs. attributes
> >     - Feb 7-13:     Finish tag structure/data dictionary issues and code
> >                     lists
> >     - Feb 14-20:    Finish elements vs. attributes and Empty Elements
> >     - Feb 21-27:    extension and MODNAMVER and Top Level Element Naming
> >     - Feb 28-Mar 6: Qualified vs unqualified and Name/Type Sharing
> >     - Mar 7-9:      Final NDR document/position paper edits
> I note that we *cannot* finish the tag structure/data dictionary issues
> *and* code lists this week if we do not get some updated position papers.
> Regarding tag structure (and global/local, which was part of that whole
> thing), it may be appropriate for Mark and, say, Bill to team up and try to
> get all the latest decisions properly documented in both the position paper
> and some appropriate NDR document sections.  Without these updated
> documents, it's as if we never decided anything at all.  It's *critical*
> that we get this stuff explained properly and quickly, or the LCSC will
> come and slit our throats in the middle of the night...  We also need a
> nice neat list of the smaller tag structure issues that need to be
> discussed, including Oxford English, delimiters, etc.  Bill, what do you
> say?  If Bill can't help out, are there others who can kick in?
> Regarding code lists, Mike has asked for assistance on getting the latest
> discussion in the position paper.  Is there anyone who can help out and
> ensure that the nuances of recent discussion are structured in a way that
> helps us decide the issues?

Eve, I wasn't listed as commenting on this topic
in the last minutes, but I'm pretty sure I probably
talked more than my share. I posted additional 
thoughts today which implicitly point to a possible
national language display solution. So, I'm an 
interested party at least.

I have little time the next two weeks, but I would
be happy to serve as review/feed back to Mike as
author on this if it will help. 

(Speaking at the RSA 2002 Conference
in about a week and starting to freak.)

> I hope my use of asterisks above has alarmed you all sufficiently to
> encourage some action. :-)  I will try to do my best, come Tuesday morning,
> to put together an agenda that has votable issues in it, but without some
> help from champions, don't get your hopes up.  Folks, we're already
> behind.  Let's try to catch up.
>          Eve
> --
> Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
> Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com
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