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Subject: RE: [ubl-ndrsc] Fwd: Fwd: ISO 3166-1 -- Change of Alpha-3CodeElem entfor Romania

Hi All

Having just returned from a business trip I am pretty amazed at the
excitement around country codes. For my sins I am a member of the CDWG which
is responsible, amongst other things, for the maintenance of the UN/ECE
rendering of the 2 alpha ISO codes from ISO 3166. In the UN/CEFACT world
i.e. for international trade in general and global ebusiness in particular,
only the 2 alpha code list is recommended. UN/ECE has a formal agreement
with ISO to be able to publish this set of codes for free access on the
UN/CEFACT web page etc as UN/ECE Recommendation No. 3. Also, as Phil points
out, the 2 alpha recommendation 3 forms the first 2 characters of the UN/ECE
Recommendation No. 16 codes aka the UNLOCODE.

There are other cases around ISO and UN/ECE Roecommended code lists which
give rise to similar confusions due mostly to the fact that a) ISO charge
for access to their full standards and b) several of these recommendations
actually contain more than one code list e.g. REc 21 which has at least
three code lists which are related but by no means equivalent.

I guess our concern right now is to develop the rules, guidelines and tools
requirements that will enable UBL to provide the necessary support for the
use of the appropriate code lists from the UN/ECE list for electronic
business document exchange purposes. To do so we, or at least some of us,
probably need to understand the, not inconsiderable, vagaries of the lists

The UN/ECE REcommendations are not all code lists and even when they are
they are not all of interest to us for UBL. The full list can be found
easily under 'Recommendations' on the UN/CEFACT home page -
http://www.unece.org/cefact/. Each of the code set(s) are preceded by
explanatory text which lays out clearly the relationship between the each
recommendation and related code lists from other international agencies such
as ISO. 

The list of recommendations that concern us is, I believe:

Rec 3 - alpha country codes
Rec 5 - Incoterms 2000 (terms of delivery)
Rec 7 - Date/time formats based on ISO 8601
Rec 9 - 3 alpha currency codes
Rec 16 - the UNLOCODE
Rec 17 - Pament terms
Rec 19 - modes of transport
Rec 20 - Units of measure (only the common codes recommended for ebusiness
Rec 21(a) - 1 digit code set for type os cargo (for reporting transport
statistics to authorities)
Rec 21(b) - 2 alpha package type codes
Rec 23 - Freight charge codes
Rec 24 - Trade and Transport status codes

BTW Rec 31 and 32 may be of general interest as they are the latest
UN/CEFACT recommendations with regards to ebusiness exchange agreements



Sue Probert
Senior Director, Document Standards, Commerce One Labs
Commerce One
Tel: +44 1332 342080
email: sue.probert@commerceone.com

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