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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] deterministic generation of Dictionary Entry Names

I took a snippet of The Spreadsheet (as it existed last week) and did two things to it:
a) I added a column for the "CC Dictionary Entry Name".
b) I added a column called "Property Qualifier"
The CC Dictionary Entry Name has a (not very good) formula to compute the dictionary entry name.  Needs 1) separators added, 2) search backward for nearest "object class" -- for now each group of property definitions has their "object class" hardcoded in their formula.
I added the "Property Qualifier" column so that the names for properties would conform to the NDR SC rule for dictionary entry names for properties -- the one we arrived at on the last day of the F2F, to wit: [Qualifier] PropertyTerm [RepresentationTerm].  Before I added the column, the spreadsheet was using the "object class" column to define parts of property names.
So if you look at this spreadsheet, you'll see that property definitions do not use the "object class" field -- good.  Also, (reusable) type definitions=CC's=BIE's use only the "object class" field for their names.
I think it's really important to do these two things to The Spreadsheet soon.


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