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ubl-ndrsc message

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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Order Schemas from LCSC


the following attachments includes the first draft version of the purchase
order (UBL_Order_0p1.xsd), the reusable types of this purchase order
(UBL_ReusableTypes_0p1.xsd) and the necessary core component types
(CoreComponentTypes.xsd). The CoreComponetTypes are imported into the Order
and ReuableTypes with the namespace prefix "cct:".

All three schemas are well formed and valid now. I changed all bugs and
mistakes from the Excel-Sheet inside the schemas only.

Could you review this schemas please and could you give the comments to Tim
McGrath or Lisa Seaburg please.

Thank you.

Mit freundlichem Gruß / With best regards, 

	Gunther Stuhec
	XML Application Framework
	Neurottstr. 16
	69190 Walldorf / Germany
	Tel: 	+49 [62 27] 7-6 64 60
	Fax:	+49 [62 27] 78-2 90 24
	eMail:	gunther.stuhec@sap.com
	Web:	http://intranet.sap.com/xml

 <<CoreComponentTypes.xsd>>  <<UBL_Order_0p1.xsd>>  




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