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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] [ubl-lcsc] A problem with out schema code


In going through the XSD spec in line of duty, I realized that we have made
a mistake in our use of the "documentation" element. We have been using the
"source" attribute to hold a keyword, when according to the spec it is
supposed to hold a URN! (This URN references the source of the tagging you
put inside the documentation element.)

This is not a major problem, but we will need to fix what we are doing, as
it is incorrect according to the XSD spec (unless I'm very much mistaken).
We could use AppInfo, or invent some clever tagging of our own to use
directly inside of the documentation element (which, like AppInfo, has a
content model of "ANY").

Just wanted to raise the issue, so we can make sure and fix it - it will be
very interesting to see if any of our reviewers have a strong enough grasp
of XSD to catch us out on this one, since parsers we're using obviously
don't seem to enforce this bit (I'm not even sure from reading the spec that
they should...)



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