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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] UBL Feedback to CCTS 1.8

I wrote up my feedback to the CCTS 1.8.  It turns out that I am touching some of the same areas of the Core Components Metamodel that Arofan does with his RT/CCT proposal.  As a result I had to roll the two proposals together.  Please have a look at the attached document.  It contains a revised Core Components Metamodel (figure 6.1 from The Spec).  In the revision, I show (along with my proposal) Arofan's proposed reversal of the generalizaiton-specialization relationship between RT/CCT (CCT's derive from RT's -- and they do so through multiple inheritance).
I didn't have time to insert Arofan's prose into this document -- I've just put a placeholder there for now.
See you in 35 minutes!

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