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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Minutes for 24 April 2002 UBL NDR SC meeting

Minutes for 24 April 2002 UBL NDR SC meeting

The base URI for partial URIs provided below is:


1. Roll call (quorum is 8)
     * Bill Burcham         YES
     * Mavis Cournane       YES
     * Mark Crawford
     * Fabrice Desré        YES
     * Matt Gertner
     * Arofan Gregory       YES
     * Phil Griffin
     * Jessica Glace
     * Eduardo Gutentag     YES (joined x:10)
     * John Larmouth
     * Eve Maler            YES
     * Sue Probert          YES
     * Lisa Seaburg
     * Gunther Stuhec       YES
     * Paul Thorpe
     (Marion Royal as an observer)

    Quorum not reached as of x:06.  We proceeded informally.  Quorum
    reached at x:10.

2. Acceptance of minutes of previous meeting

    17 April 2002 F2F meeting:

3. Adoption of agenda

4. Status review
    - A: Review the modnamver paper, the examples, and the 0.64 schema
    - A: Read Matt's types paper and see if we want to prioritize it
         higher. DONE

    - A: Tag structure/NDR changes. IN PROGRESS

    - A: Code list paper. IN PROGRESS
    - A: Help Mavis with Word styles in NDR document
    - A: Get LC SC feedback on global attributes. IN PROGRESS
    - A: Get LC SC feedback on "prose" needs. IN PROGRESS
    - A: (new) Send out proposed wording for RT/CCT proposal #3.

    - C: Role model paper

    - A: Attempt a more specific RT/CCT proposal. CANCELED
    - A: (with Gunther) Take up facet discussion with LC SC.
         IN PROGRESS
    - A: (new) (with Sue) Send out proposed wording for RT/CCT
         proposal #4
    - A: Forward latest version of xCBL versioning paper.
    - B: Containership paper

    - A: (new) (with Arofan) Send out proposed wording for RT/CCT
         proposal #4.

    - A: (with Arofan) Take up facet discussion with LC SC.
         IN PROGRESS
    - C: Date/time paper

    Summary of work to be done:
    A External recommendations for changes to CCTS. IN PROGRESS
    A Code lists. IN PROGRESS
    A Modnamver. IN PROGRESS
    A NDR document production. IN PROGRESS
    A Review the purchase order schema design
    A Officially decide elements vs. attributes. DONE TODAY
    A Officially decide empty elements. DONE
    B Tag structure
    B Containership
    B Fixed vs. varying types
    C Dates and times

    May 1: RT/CCT completion, code lists (1hr)
    May 8: (2hr)
    May 15: (1hr)
    May 22: (2hr)
    May 29: (what else?), approve NDR document for distribution (2hr)
    June 5-9 (the F2F meeting itself, if all goes according to plan)

5. Status of NDR document production/outline
    Mavis has sent out a new draft, incorporating instructions from the
    last couple of weeks.  She will now start updating this weekly.

6. RT/CCT comments and status
    We reviewed Tim McGrath's latest revision:

    We accepted Proposal 1 as amended.  (Bill has the final wording.)
    We rejected Proposal 2 as written.  Bill will try to come up with
    alternate wording and get Tim's input on it.  We accepted Proposal 3
    in principle, but think the wording needs to be crisper.  We were
    unable to come to agreement on what to do about Proposal 4.

    New ACTION: Eve to send out new wording for Proposal 3.

    New ACTION: Sue and Arofan to send out new wording for Proposal 4.

7. Code lists
    We reviewed the document and added an Interoperability requirement.
    Eve and Fabrice will work on the document more for next time.
    Eve needs to fix the link to the existing document.

8. Elements vs. attributes

    We formally accepted the proposal to use elements for everything,
    except for using attributes for supplementary components.  The
    the common/global property/attribute issue is still outstanding.

    Gunther brought up the potential need to use attributes to add
    instructions for, e.g., changing a single line item inside an order.
    Arofan suggested that this should be done in a new instance, and
    also that this is a modeling issue, not an NDR issue.  Also, XPath
    makes some of these instructions really easy to do in tools.

9. Modnamver

    - Versioning:

      Arofan's original recommendation was you version the entire
      component library.  If you change the core library, it needs to
      ripple upwards if the changes are backwards incompatible.  The
      identifier for each functional area needs to indicate what version
      of core it needs.  Implementors will want to avoid supporting more
      than one version of the core library at once.

      For a given message type, it should only ever use a single version
      of any module, not just the core library.  The question is, how to
      enforce this?  Commerce One's conventional URN paper describes a
      way to do this, and also importing namespaces that have version
      information in them.  SAML ended up putting version information

      We shouldn't forget the idea of making the version a context.  Then
      a URN could contain the version, *and* all the relevant context

      New ACTION: Arofan to forward the latest version of the xCBL
      versioning paper.

    - Separate RT/CCT module: Deferred.
    - How many root schemas: Deferred.
      We will discuss these over the next couple of weeks to "wake them

10. Adjourn
     Adjourned at y:58.

Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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