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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Minutes for 29 May 2002 UBL NDR SC meeting

Minutes for 29 May 2002 UBL NDR SC meeting

1. Roll call (quorum is 8)
     * Bill Burcham         regrets
     * Mavis Cournane       YES
     * Mark Crawford        regrets
     * Fabrice Desré        YES
     * Matt Gertner         YES (left x:57)
     * Arofan Gregory       awol
     * Jessica Glace        YES
     * Eduardo Gutentag     YES
     * John Larmouth        awol
     * Eve Maler            YES
     * Sue Probert          awol
     * Lisa Seaburg         YES
     * Gunther Stuhec       awol
     * Paul Thorpe          awol

    Quorum not reached by x:15.  We proceeded informally.

2. Acceptance of minutes of previous meeting

    22 May 2002

3. Adoption of agenda
    Adopted with the topic of F2F agenda matters moved up.

11. F2F agenda
     Here is the current plan of record.  Some CM SC topics we thought
     could be usefully covered, even though Matt and Bill won't be
     present, are: use case buildup and specialization architecture
     paper review.  Eduardo is willing to chair the CM sessions.

       9-2: UBL plenary, lunchtime feature, etc.
       2-4: joint NDR/CM planning session
       9-12: CM (e.g., use case work and reviewing the spec arch paper)
       1-3: NDR
       3-5: joint NDR/LC session: syntax-dependent features
       9-12: CM
       1-5: NDR (w/ 1.5 hours of X12 joint session)
       9-12: CM
       1-5: NDR
       8-10: joint NDR/CM wrap-up session

4. Status review

    - A: (With Bill) Incorporate CCTS feedback metamodel
         into the Relationship with CC section of NDR doc.

    - A: Code list paper. DONE
    - A: Work with Mike Rawlins on figuring out a schedule. DONE
    - A: Prepare a report of the NDR SC's activities for the F2F.

    - A: Update modnamver.
    - C: Role model paper.

    - A: Write up concern about importing indirectly so that Bill can
         research the issue.
    - B: Forward the latest version of the xCBL versioning paper.
    - B: Containership paper.

    - B: Facet paper. IN PROGRESS?
    - C: Date/time paper.

    - A: Make proposal on local vs. global elements.

    Summary of work:

    A Code lists DONE
    A Modnamver IN PROGRESS
    A Review the purchase order schema design WAIT FOR NEXT DRAFT
    A Local vs. global elements -- round 2 IN PROGRESS
    A Officially decide elements vs. attributes DONE
    A Officially decide empty elements DONE
    A External recommendations for changes to CCTS DONE
    A Global attributes DONE
    B Core component types in XSD IN PROGRESS
    B Tag structure IN PROGRESS
    B Containership
    B Fixed vs. varying types
    C Dates and times

5. Barcelona update
    No one on the call were in Barcelona last week!

6. Code lists

    We agreed that it's too circular and inconvenient to require
    external code list modules to use our simple types for supplementary
    components, so we agreed that instead they must use the attribute
    names that we dictate in order for us to know that they intended the
    CCTS semantics.

    We didn't agree yet on whether to recommend XSD documentation
    elements in external code list modules.  We will leave this point
    open in the NDR document.

7. Modnamver
    URLs vs. URNs in namespace names vs. schema locations: deferred.

8. Local vs. global elements
    We reviewed Fabrice's new proposal.  He compares the current solution
    with a solution that uses local qualified (not unqualified) elements.
    We will continue to work on this at the F2F.

9. Facets

10. Approve NDR document and position papers

     Does the NDR document contain the following information?
     Code lists, CCTS metamodel, modnamver, possibility of reconsidering
     local vs. global.  Yes, all these are sufficiently covered.

     Are these position papers ready? Modnamver, code lists, elements
     vs. attributes, maybe facets?, maybe local vs. global?

     We couldn't vote, but we informally agreed that the NDR document
     is ready for its second review distribution.

12. Adjourn
     Adjourned at y:55.

Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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