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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Minutes for 19 June 2002 UBL NDR SC meeting

Minutes for 19 June 2002 UBL NDR SC meeting

1. Roll call (quorum is 8)
     * Bill Burcham         regrets (for next week too)
     * Mavis Cournane       YES
     * Mark Crawford        YES (joined y:53)
     * Fabrice Desré        awol
     * Matt Gertner         awol
     * Arofan Gregory       YES
     * Jessica Glace        YES
     * Eduardo Gutentag     YES
     * John Larmouth        awol
     * Eve Maler            YES
     * Sue Probert          regrets (for next week too)
     * Lisa Seaburg         YES
     * Gunther Stuhec       YES (happy birthday!) (left y:33)
     * Paul Thorpe          YES

     Quorum achieved at x:38.

2. Acceptance of minutes of previous meetings

    22 May 2002

    29 May 2002

    3-6 June 2002

    All accepted.

3. Adoption of agenda

    Adopted with addition of 3a.

3a. Portal plans

    Eve is restructuring the portal.  Mavis has offered to help with
    portal maintenance.

    Reminder: Authors of papers should try to provide both the source
    and PDF.  PDF only isn't ideal, because we need the source for
    various reasons.

    ACTION: Eve to reorganize and clarify the portal, so that
    non-current documents and distributions are moved to an archive
    area, and current documents are all together.

4. Brief reports from other SCs

    Lisa report on LC SC:

    - They have gone through the spreadsheet comments and divvied up
      action items.  They're looking for a process to manage the revision
      of the spreadsheet since there are now a lot of people "touching"

    - They are struggling with the code/identifier problem still.  We
      seem to feel that we have a good solution we can propose; can we
      write it up in time for them to consider it properly?  The idea is
      to treat the "identifier" semantic as a property term, and relegate
      the code (or number or whatever) format to the RT.

      ACTION: Eve to ensure that we check on this again next week.

    - They are working on some position papers.  We think that, in the
      case of the Date/Time position paper, this is really an NDR paper
      rather than an LC paper, but we need to get better about listing
      the specific questions we have that they will care about and want
      to weigh in on.

    - They are working on a paper describing the methodology domain
      groups should use to ensure that their work fits into the UBL

5. Collaboration with Library Content SC, using containership as a
    concrete example

    We conjectured that the "list of" problem is something that the Tools
    folks can indeed apply programmatically (as noted in the
    Containership paper), and the "nested groups" problem is likely to
    be naturally taken care of because the modeling folks will see the
    need there for aggregate BIEs.  However, we do have suggestions for
    considering additional needs for aggregate BIEs, based on our
    requirements for Context Methodology mechanisms and processing
    concerns (e.g., XSLT).

    We are determined to ensure that this issue doesn't become
    "political" and that we're focused on the best possible UBL we can

    ACTION: Eve to approach Tim and Jon to suggest a "SWAT team" idea,
    with the relevant chairs and common voting members getting together
    (say, a quick phone call every two weeks) to discuss common needs
    and division of responsibilities.

    We briefly discussed the notion of the requirement for our model to
    be XML-neutral (to the extent possible).  We're a little
    uncomfortable with the difficulties inherent in putting enough
    information into the spreadsheet to allow us to "push the schema
    button".  It was suggested that the SWAT team idea will ease some of
    the technical tensions here.

6. Schedule planning
    - Near term: code list rules document by July 17
    - Also work on NDR document review on July 17 and every two weeks
    - Tentative plan is to have next F2F on October 1-4 (Tue-Fri)
    - Our deadline for distribution #3 would be approx. September 20
    - The following week people can work on LC stuff (etc.) instead

    - July 3 meeting:
      Eduardo and Eve can't make it.  Mark will chair.  But as we get
      closer, we may cancel it.

    - What should our standard for position papers be?

      We should have three categories of documents:

      1. The official outputs of the group (e.g., NDR doc)

      2. "Focus papers" that are outputs of the group seeking input from
         NDR SC *and* non-NDR SC audiences

      3. Position papers with individual authors that have an internal
         NDR audience, and that get archived when in disuse or done

    - How should we be handling comments?

      We're sort of exempt from responding formally to any commenters to
      date, because we didn't tell anyone to expect responses.
      Nonetheless, we have tried to at least respond to email.
      We agreed to maintain a spreadsheet to manage issues.

      ACTION: Lisa to create a blank issues spreadsheet based on the LC
      SC version, with Tim's Containership comments populated as a

7. Action item review

    - Review V04 of design rules. DONE
    - Review Gunther's script for new issues. IN PROGRESS
    - With Gunther, add *Type/*ContentType info to the NDR document.
    - With Eve, submit NDR topic to XML2002 by June 15.
    - With Bill, incorporate CCTS feedback metamodel into the
      Relationship with CC section of NDR doc.

    - Cancel current NDR SC telecon reservation. DONE
    - Set up CM SC telecon and explain CM Phase 1 idea to Matt/Bill. DONE
    - Extract code list chapter and finish it.
    - Write a code list FAQ.
    - Do an analysis of the supp-components-of-supp-components problem.
    - Reorg portal to make new archive and add info on future work.
    - Check next week on willingness to write code/identifier focus
    - Approach Tim and Jon on SWAT team idea.

    - Bring up code list recommendation to the liaison SC. DONE
    - Submit topic on building the UBL community to XML2002 by June 15.

    - With Arofan/Matt, submit Context Meth topic to XML2002 by June 15.

    - Submit UBL tools/techniques topic to XML2002 by June 15. DONE
    - Revise Dates/Times paper. DONE
    - Revise facet paper?
    - Write content referencing paper. IN PROGRESS

    - Update modnamver.
    - Revise role model paper?

    - Forward the latest version of the xCBL versioning paper.

    - Create starter issues spreadsheet.

    - Check whether XHTML Basic has <div>.

8. Prioritize next batch of work:
      A = must be done by September 20 (or sooner)
      B = nice to have by September 20
      C = optional

      A NDR document improvements (review every two weeks)
      A+ Embedded documentation
      A Code lists
      A Nested supplementary components
      A Dates and times
      A Identifier references and whether to pass content by reference
      A- Local vs. global elements
      B+ Containership
      B Updating guiding principles
      B Modnamver URN/schema location
      B Referencing of content, e.g. for attachments
      C Facets
      C Wildcards/open content
      C Nillability
      C Aggregation of similar information for XPath V1.0 addressing

9. Embedded documentation
    - Does XHTML Basic have the <div> tag?  Is this a good choice?
      We agreed that it's a good choice.

      ACTION: Eduardo to check to see if XHTML Basic has <div>.

    - How shall we name the documentation labels in CLASS=?

      Should we consider the idea of namespacing CLASS= values?  We
      don't even know if colons are allowed there, and we don't want
      to use them.  Arofan has suggested that, for the values, we use
      the spreadsheet column heads, suitably edited.  For external
      code list modules, which are a special case, we may not want to
      mention "UBL" at all, but rather use names that are based on the
      CCTS somehow.  This may help adoption.

10. Code list issues
     - Known issues:
       . Add non-normative info about RNG code list schemas?
       . What to say about locally scoped code lists?
       . Should code list modules declare elements too?
       . What should documentation labels be?

11. Adjourn
     Adjourned z:30.

Eve Maler                                        +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 883 5917
XML Web Services / Industry Initiatives      eve.maler @ sun.com

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