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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] First draft of NDR issues spreadsheet

In answer to Eve's comments:

"Eve L. Maler" wrote:

> - The filename of the spreadsheet should follow our general scheme and
> have versioning, e.g. wd-ublndrsc-issues-01.xls.

Please change this to match what ever you would like.  This is only a

> - I'm not sure what the valid values of the "Subject/Topic" column are
> or should be.  I'd be wary of getting more granular than "substantive"
> vs. "editorial", but maybe this is supposed to be used for some other
> purpose..?

In Library Content we used this to sort the comments/issues.  We had
topics like "Modeling Related", "BIE Related", "Approach
Related"....etc.  You can get rid of this column, or use it, whichever
would help.  If you separate your comments by what they are related to,
like the comments you got from ARTS on one of the documents, I remember
some of them being related to the editorial/spelling of the document,
not the contents.....stuff like that.

You could have topics like:  "Presentation Related", "Methodology

It would only be for sorting purposes, so that when you are working
through the comments, you can keep like comments together.

> - We should try to ensure that the Feedback Reference column contains
> the filename (e.g., p-gregory-containers-01 in this case) and, ideally,
> section or line numbers.

Exactly, what I have in there right now isn't really formal comments,
just wanted to show you how I did it in LCSC, we had taken the comments
about our distribution, and since we had different documents, used that
to list which document was being commented on, we also had a column
(which I deleted) called UBL UID, here we listed the exact element being
commented on.

After putting all of the comments together, during the Face to Face, we
as a group went through the comments and used the right hand columns to
discuss and dispose of them.  I made notes so that we knew what and who
had action items because of it.  I then went through them and listed out
the action items in our Face to Face Minutes.  I don't know that this is
the best way, its just how we did it this time.  Suggestions are always
welcome!  ;-)

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