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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Minutes from today's meeting

The NDR SC will meet by phone on Wednesday, 4 December 2002(date):
Please use the following dial-in information:
      Toll-free (from the U.S.)         +1 888 422 7141
      International access/caller-paid  +1 334 832 4208
      Participant code                  242-630
1.  Roll Call and Welcome from the chair (Lisa), assignment of co-chair to take minutes.
Eduardo Gutentag (leaving early) x:14
Mike Grimley
Lisa Seaburg
Eve Maler
Bill Burcham
Sue Probert
Gunther Stuhec

Regrets:  Matt Gertner, Mavis Cournane, Paul Thorpe (also next week)
2.  Acceptance of minutes from past meetings.
Need quorum to accept minutes from last 3 meetings. - Did not have quorum, so still outstanding.
3.  Adoption of agenda/schedule planning
 Next Release: - NDR Document - January 13, 2003
   - CodeList, 2 documents, Code List Rules and Code List White Paper, prior to F2F 5 (9/25),
   - CCT Handcrafted Schema (separate file, normative deliverable)
   - Codelist Adapter Schema, Handcrafted schema (adapters for 3rd party code lists)
   - BCC Schema module (not determined yet).
   - Context Methodology Paper (we have to see this paper first before we decide).
Bill:  Discussion of what we had before, the BCCs and the CCT, do we still need them?  Put together XSD for the CCT's that gets generated. 
Gunther:  The LCSC is defining BIE's only.  Its not to clear how we can differentiate between the BBIEs and BCCs.  New rule in Perl script, for every kind of BBIE generate a BCC automatically.  If one BBIE is similar do not generate a new one.  There is more testing to be done before we have any answers.
We need to come up rules, but these might best come out of experimenting.  The rule making for Document Assembly needs to come with this.  The LCSC has started to work on this, and has divided their group into smaller groups to have some of them work on this. 
Has LCSC committed to use an automated assembly process?
Sue:  Document assembly is handcrafted into the spreadsheet, but rendering XSD by Perl script.
Bill:  There is not need for us to legislate assembly rules until this is worked out and LCSC already has an idea of how they want to do this.
Gunther:  I think it is good for this to happen there, it is a data modeling issue and we have good people
Late January, early February, check what LCSC has done and talk it through, come through at this point with assembly rules.
Lisa: As Liaise between NDR and LCSC I guess I see I should try to connect the Document Assembly work being done in LCSC with the NDR document, make sure this will match up to make one deliverable.
4.  Review of Action Items and Status:
Mavis Cournane and Lisa Seaburg
     Rules in NDR - ongoing
Gunther Stuhec
1. Finalize paper to reflect decision. - DONE, with more discussion to come.
2. Develop section for NDR that identifies set of handcrafted xxx, develop handcrafted CCT identifiers, and develop rules as necessary for inclusion in the NDR document. - DONE, needs discussion.
Matt Gertner
    Context Methodology Paper, Matt sends regrets, has finished his comments on the NDR document, and will have the Context document draft by next week.
Arofan Gregory
    Write up for the Polymorphism - Not done.
Eve Maler - Eve will send out email on this.
   Eve's comments from email about Action Items:   "The Code List Rules document needs a revision to take into account (a) the new supplementary components for codes/identifiers in CCTS V1.85 , and (b) edits to fix syntax errors that were pointed out by the UN/ECE people.  When you guys called me on my cell phone two Fridays ago, I told Mark I could commit to generating a new, hopefully final version by the end of December, but I doubt I'll get to it this week.  I'll try.
   Regarding the code list white paper, there are a few things I could change on it, but it's really not too bad.  If you all could review it and send me comments, I can revise it by the end of December as well."
5.  QA Team Comments of the NDR document, these are all available at:
I have started to compile, but its a big job.  We will discuss the comments received so far.
Sections of the NDR Document:
1.2.  Terminology and Notation - Lisa, Check for official OASIS template?
2.    Choice of schema language - Mark
3.  Relationship to ebXML Core Components - Mark
4.1.3   Embedded documentation - Arofan (QA and make sure it agrees with 4.2.5)
4.2.4 Rules for Using Code Lists with XML Constructs - Mark
4.2.5 Rules for Embedding Documentation into XML Constructs - Arofan
4.3 Containership and element design - Arofan.
5 Modularity, Namespaces, and Versioning - Arofan, will review the rest of ModNamVer.
5.5 Rules for Versioning - Lisa, with input from Arofan. 
6 Facets - Gunther and Mavis
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Rules
7 Date and Time - Gunther
7.1 Introduction - 27
7.1.1 Rules for specific points of date/time - 27
7.1.2 Rules for duration 27
7.1.3 Core Component Types and Representation Terms 27
7.1.4 Period 28
7.1.5 Frequency of recurrent period 
12 Technical Terminology - Lisa
Appendix A. UBL NDR Rules - Lisa
6.  Other Sub-working groups update:
Library Content SC - Nothing more than what was already discussed.
Context Methodology - None
Liaison SC - UNCEFACT proposal went out, waiting for next step.
Tools and Techniques - status is ongoing, waiting for comments for the handcrafted schema.

7. Other Business
UBL-NDR Work Space on Peter Yim's Server, this space is for our own use, if we have large files to move, its better than emailing them.  It would be confusing to use this and the OASIS portal, so lets be clear, the OASIS portal is the official.
8. Next meeting topics
 No call next week, try to get email going.
 Gunther has idea for better structure for chapter on CCT.  Gunther will write out new sections for each CCT for better.
Upcoming Call Schedule:
 18 December -
 8th January - preparation for delivery.
Lisa Seaburg
AEON Consulting
Website: http://shell.gmi.net/~xmlgeek/
Email:  lseaburg@midsouth.rr.com
Alternative Email: xcblgeek@yahoo.com
Phone: 662-562-7676
Cellphone: 662-501-7676
"Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk."

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