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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Co-Chairs Teleconference Call Wednesday 18 December.

In consulting with Mark and Mavis, we decided to have a Wednesday call for the co-chairs (also including past chair, Eve).  Anyone else in the NDR SC is welcome to join in if they have any issues to discuss.  This call is mostly organizational, but we can easily address issues if necessary.
 The NDR Chairs will meet by phone on Wednesday, 18 December 2002(date):
Please use the following dial-in information:
      Toll-free (from the U.S.)         +1 888 422 7141
      International access/caller-paid  +1 334 832 4208
      Participant code                  242-630
Agenda as follows:
1.  Roll Call
2.  Acceptance of Agenda.
3.  Discussion of Work to be Done.
  • QA Team Document Reviews
    • they start review of LCSC Overview and Scope Statement this week
  • NDR Main Document Editing
  • Packaging for next Release
  • Liaise with LCSC
  • Schema Review
  • Documents that still need to be incorporated into NDR Main Document
    • UR types
    • Embedded documentation
    • Versioning
    • Do we have them all?
4.  Division of Work
5.  Next Teleconference Call, schedule and work format to move forward.
Upcoming Release is week of January 13th. 
* Overview - LCSC
* Scope Statement - LCSC
* Methodology - LCSC
* Case Studies - LCSC
* NDR Document Version 21(?) - NDRSC
* Codelist Document - NDRSC
* Is this list complete?
We (LCSC) see the actual release comprising of....
* A set of XSD Schemas (normative)
* A spreadsheet of the document assemblies for each document type
* A UML Class diagram for each document type (views of the complete normalized diagram)
* A UML Dependency diagram for each document type (views of the complete normalized diagram)
* A spreadsheet of the complete normalized model
* A UML Class diagram of the complete normalized model
* A UML Dependency diagram of the complete normalized model
Of the supplementary documents, I suspect the latter (Case Studies) will be the hardest to fit into our schedule.  It may be that we release these later (as we did last time).
6.  Other Business
Lisa Seaburg
AEON Consulting
Website: http://shell.gmi.net/~xmlgeek/
Email:  lseaburg@midsouth.rr.com
Alternative Email: xcblgeek@yahoo.com
Phone: 662-562-7676
Cellphone: 662-501-7676
"Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk."

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