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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] Global Element Name Clashes

In the NDRSC meeting today we identified a problem with the schemas relative
to the naming and design rules.  NDR says that (in the XML schema(s)) we'll
represent ABIEs as XSD complex types and that in the content model for those
types we'll declare elements that _ref_ global element declarations.  This
rule came out of Burlington.  Unfortunately the Perl scripts have not yet
caught up with the rule change.  Call the rule change: "Global Elements".

Global Elements introduces the potential for naming clashes.  The "UBL" name
of every Association Business Information Entity Property and every Basic
Business Information Entity Property must be unique, since (in the XML
schema) global element declarations are made for each.

NDRSC resolved in todays phone-con that in order to bring the (normative)
schemas into compliance with the naming and design rules for this release

A) the Perl scriptage would be updated
B) we'd comb the model and identify all the places where the changes is
going to cause (global element) name conflicts

I ran some scriptage on the normalized model
(normalized_components11_0p70_draft0pt07) and found these cases where we've
got Basic Business Information Entity Properties that share a name but are
of different BBIE types:

Address.Identification.Identifier and Country.Identification.Code have the
same property name, but different BBIE's.
Address.Identification.Identifier and SecondaryHazards.Identification.Code
have the same property name, but different BBIE's.
Contract.TypeCode.Code and PaymentMeans.TypeCode.Identifier have the same
property name, but different BBIE's.
Item.Description.Text and Period.Description.Code have the same property
name, but different BBIE's.

I whupped this together pretty quick so please treat this as an estimate.
The purpose is to provide early warning (late) as to the impact of the
upcoming Perl script changes.  Based on this assessment it seems to me that
the model changes are minimal.


PS I did a similar examination of the Association Business Information
Entity Properties and found no clashes.  

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