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Subject: [ubl-ndrsc] id attribute problem in schemas, per IBM's SQC validation

I have not verified all schemas, but running IBM's SQC tool on DespatchAdvice
and Order indicates a validity problem with the use of "id" attribute on schema
definitions.  I checked the XSD schema for schemas and the id attribute is
indeed defined as an XML "ID" type, which required uniqueness across and entire

See the attached output from SQC for one schema.  For example, the "id"
attribute cannot have the same value in these two elements:

<xsd:element ref="DespatchAdviceDeliveryDate" id="UBL000004" minOccurs="0"

<xsd:element name="DespatchAdviceDeliveryDate" type="cct:DateType"

Gunther, can this be fixed today?  Can the id value be generated with a unique
value for each XSD element?

(I copied the lscs list, but don't think I have write access yet.  Can someone

  Dave Carlson

Attachment: DespatchAdvice_SQC_report.pdf
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