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Subject: UBL NDR SC Minutes 11 June 2003

Dear all
please find attached a copy of the minutes from our last concall. IOn behalf
of my co-chairs I would like to make you all aware that we have not reached
quorum in our last 8 calls. Each one of us as voting members of the SC has a
responsibility to bear in ensuring that quorum is achieved and that the work
of the SC can progress.

I would like to ask any of you not intending to make in excess of 80% of the
calls (between now and the F2F in Montreal) to consider stepping down to
observer status. This will ensure that our work can progress speedily and

Mavis Cournane
Co-chair NDR SC

1.  Roll Call and Welcome from the chair (Mavis)
Mavis Cournane
Dan Vint
Lisa Seaburg
Jessica Glace
Mike Grimley
Eduardo Gutentag x:55
Sue Probert x:50
Paul Thorpe
Anne Hendry :x05

Mark Crawford
Jack Gager
Jim Wilson
Chin Chee-Kai
Jon Bosak
Tony Coates

quorum review. Lisa will do one and the chairs will approach certain voting
members about their lack of participation,
We will proceed informally

Mike Grimley, Paul Thorpe, Mavis Cournane, Lisa Seaburg send regrets for the
next meeting.

2.  Acceptance of minutes from previous meetings
Deferred - neither quorum nor critical mass was achieved.
3.  Adoption of agenda

4. Review NDR release schedule/action items:

20030514:  Mavis get last two days of London minutes sent out. - Open
Will be done for next week

20030514:  Lisa add double check NDR rules for business document naming as
agenda item for QA of NDR document. - On hold.  This may be tied into naming
issue being addressed by UBL CSC SC.

20030514:  LCSC should be responsible for the Abbreviations and Acroynyms
Control List.  Yes, we agree.  Mavis and Lisa will send email of discussions
to the LCSC list. - Closed. We have informed them though. Lisa will bring it
up on the LCSC call.

20030514:  Reverse engineering of the schema. The NDR QA team should be
checking to see of the Perl script has any rules in it that are not
documented in the NDR document.  Also check for current NDR rules to make
sure they are reflected in the schema. Not enough information has been
received from the NDR QA team. They only did 2 documents a piece and so far
Chee Kai and Lisa have provided input. - Still  Open.

200305014:  Lisa will send Code List document to Tony Coates, and they will
continue conversation on code lists. - Tony Coates, Paul Spencer and Farouk
have been working on it. Lisa has not yet set out the new version.
UN/ECE are moving forward and are using an earlier version of our Code List
document. Lisa will get this new version out as soon as possible.
Marcus Picart needs to be kept in the loop on this.

20030604: Dan Vint to start email discussion on specific examples of for
Containership discussion. This was sent out and Dan will lead a discussion
on next week's call. Chee Kai had one set of comments that got closed. Dan's
point of view was not understood and will be discussed on next week's call.

20030604: Mark to send minutes of 04-06-03 to LCSC and to attend the next
call. He should raise the issue of Digital Signatures and our
deliberations - Open

20030604: Lisa to take the lead with the NiST group regarding the Code list
rules document. Mark to talk to Lisa about this. tied in with other code
list action items - Open

5. Code List Rules document.

Deferred until next week.

6. Numbers and Names for UBL Namespaces.

We are not sure of the issue - Gunther raised this and will need to lead it.
ACTION : Gunther should let us know what this is via email. This should not
be a reopening of an already decided issue. We think this is a new aspect.
Gunther, will need to confirm it.

7. The file name of UBL XSD

[Jessica] The largest question in my mind is whether the version is held in
the file name or not. I believe having the version in the file name was
dismissed in the namespace paper, but it has been in all of the releases to

Yes it is in the filename. Eduardo's paper will deal with this.l

8. Comment Review.


9. Review of rules checklist
We recommend an appendix be produced that groups all the rules together by
type. These should reference links to examples or further explanations.
See Lisa Seaburg's document for more concrete details. Rules 1-20 were
reviewed by the group today.

10. AOB
Discussion of the ATG meeting next week that will be making UN/CEFACT design
decisions. It is very important that we have input to this.

11. Adjourn

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