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Subject: Draft Review of 0p80 Schema

This is forwarded from Chee-Kai.  These draft schema will be discussed on
tomorrow's NDR call.  If you have comments, please bring them to the call
with you.  I am hoping all will attend, I have not had any regrets yet, so
we should have a good turn out.


(PS - my email is messed up, if you email me use the
lseaburg@midsouth.rr.com, temporarily)

This is a very preliminary version of UBL Schema 0.8 draft 3-1.

The purpose is for UBL NDRSC & LCSC to internally review it and generate
review discussions, especially in conjunction with the following areas (in
no order of priority):

A. Application of NDR rules and guidelines
B. Structuring of Schemas
C. Core Component Types
D. Core Component Parameters
E. Transformation Issues (e.g. generating reading aid from schemas)
F. Forms & Presentation Issues
G. Meta Data of Schemas
H. Any other areas on application of UBL Schemas

A note to those who are reviewing it for the first time.
The UBL Schemas are intended to be normative.  For practical
collaboration and model abstraction purposes, spreadsheets
are used to assist in expressing the intended object hierarchy.
Tools are then used to create UBL Schemas, taking inputs
mostly from the modeling spreadsheets, as well as application
of NDR rules and other meta data such as namespace, version
and other schema-perculiar information.  It is to be noted
that when the wording "... UBL Schemas generated from ..." are
used, they simply refer to this production process designed
to facilitate collaboration, and not to be understood as the
notion that the schemas are secondary derived products.

This alpha edition of UBL Schemas took input source from
the set of spreadsheets with filenames having a tailing suffix
"-0.8-draft-3.xls" dated 2003 Jun 18.

Known Issues:
-1: In "UBL-Reusable-0.8-draft-3.xsd" under the complexType
    "HazardousItemType" definition, the associated object
    class has been changed to "Contact" instead of the
    spreadsheet's "ContactParty" due to the absence of the
    latter's definition.  As a result, the element references
    "Contact" which has a type of "ContactType", instead of
    referring to the non-existent "ContactParty" presumably
    having a "ContactPartyType".

-2: The grayed header columns in the spreadsheets contain
    derived formulas stored as spreadsheet operators to apply
    string manipulation in compliance with NDR rules.  These
    grayed columns in the spreadsheets are intended to be
    "sample values" to assist human readers of spreadsheets
    in interpreting the values.  Tools are expected to re-apply
    NDR rules in the operator space of the tools (eg. Java
    functions if Java is used, or Perl functions if Perl is used)
    to generate the values in a more precise manner as the operator
    space in spreadsheets may be limited in capacity.

    The UBL Schemas generated in this alpha edition, however,
    simply mirrored those sample values in the grayed columns.
    Mirroring the values at this point may allow detection of
    incorrect values in the model data values.

OASIS Open copyright statement applies.


Best Regards,
Chin Chee-Kai
Tel: +65-6820-2979
Fax: +65-6743-7875
Email: cheekai@SoftML.Net

Lisa Seaburg
AEON Consulting
Website: http://www.aeon-llc.com
Email:  lseaburg@aeon-llc.com
Alternative Email: xcblgeek@yahoo.com
Phone: 662-562-7676
Cellphone: 662-501-7676

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."
                       -Katharine Hepburn

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