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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Re: [ubl-ndrsc] ATG Review of UBL Rules


Mark is probably asleep now (he's three time zones ahead of me),
so I'll jump in with a quick response and let him follow up
tomorrow if there's anything further to be said.

| >>	2) Although the decision was made last week for local 
| >>         element declarations, remember this was our initial
| >>         decision also.  Further, notice that all local 
| >>         elements are in essence being treated as global 
| >>         with strict control over uniqueness and naming.
| Could you please elaborate on this?  
| Is "the decision" referring to NDR's decision?  

No.  Mark was reporting on a decision by UN/CEFACT ATG2 (and also
pointing out that we had come to the same decision before we had
put an additional year of thought into it).  Mark happens to be
both a co-chair of OASIS UBL NDRSC and also the chair of UN/CEFACT
ATG2, as well as vice chair of the UBL TC, among his other
positions of responsibility, and there are liaisons between the
two groups.  But no decision of ATG2 is in any way binding on UBL.

| Is this a change of the global-element/global-type decision 
| from London's outcome?

No, not at all.


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