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Subject: Fw: Schema generation

I have been in touch with Chee-Kai regarding the schema generation.  I
commented to him that we were expecting a set of schema with the containers
in them and this was his answer

> But we're not done with the discussions on these issues, are we?
> There are a number of outstanding sub-questions left that it
> seems to be premature to do a schema on it.  As usual, I probably
> won't be replying a "not quite right" to these rules.

He also has a question about the comment on Rule 5 (see his comment below),
Danny Vint made the comment that the regular expression was not quite right,
Chee-Kai truly wants to understand what he meant by that.  Danny, can we get
an answer from you, please.  Thanks.

> I still hope to hear about Rule 5's resolution on what is
> "not quite right" to the proposed precise statement of what
> names are valid and what are not using a regular expression.
> By saying "not quite right", it leaves me with an impression
> that there's a right regex but it is not being exposed to the
> discussion.  How constructive can that be?  And how does
> "not quite right" help developers and programmers as stated
> in the second line:

>   "We want clarification, we dont want difficulty in
>    translation or programming within other environments."

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