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Subject: NDR Checklist check


In the TTSC meeting this morning there was some discussion about the 
status of the ndr rules.  It was acknowledged that, using the latest 
checklist as posted to the ndr site on 25 June, the rules that have the 
word 'ACCEPTED' in the 'Comment' column could be considered to be 
completed by NDRSC (reviewed/voted/decided) and stabilitzed to the point 
that LCSC can go ahead and implement these without concern about further 
NDRSC changes (unless LCSC or TTSC finds problems with implementing or 
needs additional clarification).  So to make it a bit easier to identify 
these, and to make sure we're agreed on this, I've gone ahead and pulled 
out from the NDR Checklist the rules that have the word 'ACCEPTED' in the 
'Comment' column.  They are:

NDR Rule #
NDR Rule Text
25 June 2003 NDR 'ACCEPTED'
(from UBL Schema Naming and Design Rules Checklist_20030625.rtf as 
posted to ndr site)
All UBL schema design rules MUST be based on the W3C XML Schema 
Recommendations: XML Schema Part 1: Structures and XML Schema Part 2: 
Each dictionary entry name must define one and only one fully qualified 
path (FQP) for an element or attribute.

CK: Seems to suggest that dictionary entry name use XPath, but then 
current usage of dictionary entry name doesn't do that.  So which is which?
Names must be in the English language, using the primary English 
spellings provided in the Oxford English Dictionary.
Names must be in singular form unless the concept itself is plural 
(example: Goods).

CK: Please define a measure of "clarity".
Upper-camel-case (UCC) MUST be used for naming elements and types.

Standards document that describes the Upper and Lower case, we need 
reference there.
Lower-camel-case (LCC) MUST be used for naming attributes.
A common attribute should be declared as a global attribute only in 
cases where the attribute's meaning is identical no matter what element 
it is used on, and where the attribute is useful on every UBL element. 
This rule applies to both external (such as xml:lang) and UBL-specific 
global attributes.

Note that this rule allows for the creation of common attributes that 
are allowed on every element but are not globally declared, and that 
need documentation of their meaning in each XML environment in which 
they are used
The number scheme must be the major number is a non-negative integer and 
the minor number is a non-negative integer.
Each version Must have a namespace.
ACCEPTED.  Move up above namespace rules.  Leave that to the discretion 
of the editor.
Each minor version must be given a separate namespace.
ACCEPTED.  Same as above.
A published namespace MUST never be changed. 
When the URN changes to reflect a change in the namespace, this change 
will be reflected in the version number, either major or minor.
Minor versioning must be limited to declaring new optional constructs, 
extending existing constructs and refinements of an optional nature.
Changes in minor versions must not break semantic compatibility with 
prior versions.

Does NDR agree that this list accurately represents rules that have been 
completed/finalized?  I'd like to maintain a list such as this for LC so 
that as NDR finalizes more rules LC can review them asap and implement 
as appropriate.  I can then also add a column which says which ones have 
already been implemented in the schemas so that NDR knows which ones 
will most likely not generate any further comments/issues.


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