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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] Fw: [ubl-lcsc] ccts Annotation Structure (fwd)

At 11:48 PM 7/2/2003 +0100, Anthony B. Coates wrote:
>** Reply to message from Dan Vint <dvint@acord.org> on Wed, 02 Jul 2003
>15:38:23 -0700
> > Where I have problems with one namespace is for my usage - where I might
> > only want to bring in the UBL code lists or UBL basic data types (those
> > re-usable pieces) because I would want to use them in my own schemas for a
> > vertical industry that doesn't do much with PO's and order management. I
> > would also like to get to some of the common things like address and party
> > without having the whole UBL universe imported into my environment. I want
> > selective reuse and I don't know how to do that when there is one 
> namespace
> > and one file.
>At that level, I don't think there is a simple solution.  What have done in
>practice is to use an XSLT stylesheet or two to extract just the item I want,
>plus all of the things it depends on, from the Schema.  I can also think 
>of one
>commercial tool that might be able to do it.  I think it is beyond our
>capabilities to organise the Schemas to make this easy, though (it would lead
>to too many Schema files, too many includes).

I would think that we should at least get into separate files/namespaces 
the things that are shared across the different documents - for instance 
the data types, and common elements. I would hope that we are also 
following our own proposal for any UBL code lists and formatting them so 
that people can reuse them as well.


>         Cheers,
>                 Tony.
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