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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] Rule: 89

I would change the text:

>[R 89]   When the use of a new acronym or apprviation is approved fo ruse 
>in UBL documents, the acronyms or abbreviations MUST be taken from the latest
>version of the Pocket Oxford English Dictionary. If more than one value is 
>provided it should be the first occurrence listed for a word will be the 
>preferred item to be used.

Do we need something here to handle possible collisions with existing 
abbreviations? What about abbreviations that make words that may/may not be 
used elsewhere? Seems like this rule or the previous one that said they can 
be added should state some additional requirements (assuming you agree we 
should avoid these problems) Also what happens if we agree that we want an 
abbreviation and one is not in the dictionary, should we state a method for 
creating one, or should it be that we don't use the abbreviation?

I have seen a general rule for creation (when they don't exist other wise) 
to be: "Drop all the vowels from the word."

At 10:17 AM 7/14/2003 -0500, Lisa-Aeon wrote:
>Rules for Voting:  Each email will have only one rule in it, I will try to
>mark the rules that group with it, or rules that might duplicate it.  The
>membership has 5 working days to bring forth objection or discussion, after
>the 5 working days, if there are no objections, the rule will be assumed to
>be "ACCEPTED" and be given to the LCSC for their implementation.
>Please Reply leaving first email in Reply.
>Voting period on this rule ends:  July 18, 2003
>[R 89]   Acronyms and abbreviations must only be taken from the latest
>version of the Pocket Oxford English Dictionary. The first occurrence listed
>for a word will be the preferred item to be used.
>ATG Decision:  rule has not yet been discussed by ATG2
>File has not been scanned
>Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.grisoft.com).
>Version: 6.0.498 / Virus Database: 297 - Release Date: 7/8/2003

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