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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] Rule: 89

At 09:56 PM 7/14/2003 +0100, Anthony B. Coates wrote:
>** Reply to message from Dan Vint <dvint@acord.org> on Mon, 14 Jul 2003
>13:30:06 -0700
> > I have seen a general rule for creation (when they don't exist other wise)
> > to be: "Drop all the vowels from the word."
>Yes, that is the standard rule one uses to make acronyms accessible to native
>english speakers, and inaccessible to everyone else.

I didn't say anything about clarity ;-) it just gives you an abbreviation. 
I don't know that any abbreviation or acronym is going to be useful for a 
non-native speaker. By the way I'm having enough trouble with BIE and ACC 
and BCT in trying to figure out what these really mean. Even when expanded 
they don't mean much.


>         Cheers,
>                 Tony.
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