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Subject: Rule: 115 and 116 Containers

Rules for Voting:  Each email will have only one rule in it, I will try to
mark the rules that group with it, or rules that might duplicate it.  The
membership has 5 working days to bring forth objection or discussion, after
the 5 working days, if there are no objections, the rule will be assumed to
be "ACCEPTED" and be given to the LCSC for their implementation.

Please Reply leaving first email in Reply.

Voting period on this rule ends:  July 23, 2003

I am combining the last two rules, because we have already voted on a
decision.  These are the old rules:

[R 115]  All documents shall have a container for metadata  and which
proceeds the body of the document and is named  "Head" _____________.
(anything but header)

[R 116]  All elements with a cardinality of 1..n, (and lack a qualifying
structure) must be contained by a list container named  "(name of repeating
element)List", which has a cardinality of 1..1.

These are the new rules agreed upon during the teleconference call on 9
July.  These are voted as approved, just need polishing up.  To remind
everybody, here is the motion and it was approved.

***Motion:(Arofan) We agree in the direction of the rules being submitted,
a. Endorse the direction as indicated in this proposal.

b. Authorize Arofan to make the changes that were discussed in this meeting.


Substitute the word "Top" for "Head",

Make sure we have explicitly covers the 1..n in the wording.

c. Authorize Mark to make editorial changes.

d. Submit to list for final approval. (vote by email)

Proposed full set of rules, as discussed:


(1) All non-repeatable BIEs that are direct children of the document-level
BIE in the model will be child elements of a generated "Top" element in the
schema. The generated "Top" element will be named "[doctype]Top", and its
content model will be a sequence. It will reference a generated type named
"[doctype]TopType". Both the generated "Top" element and its type will be
declared in the same namespace as the document-level element. (Note: This
rule implies that all documents will have generated "Top" elements, without
exception, regardless of their other 'body' contents, to cover cases where
the document will be extended with the Context mechanism, and for general

(2) All repeatable BIEs in the model will have generated containers. The
containers will be named "[name_of_repeatable_element]List". These
containers will be required if the cardinality of their contained immediate
children requires at least one; if their contained children are optional;
the container itself will be optional. At least one of the repeatable
children of the List will always be required, but there may be more than one
required child if that agrees with the cardinality found in the business

All "_____List" elements will reference a "_______ListType", which will be
declared in the same namespace as the element that represents the repeatable
BIE in the business model. The content model of this type will have a single
child element, which will have a maximum occurrence that reflects the
maximum occurrence in the business model, and a minimum occurrence as
described in this rule, above.

(NOTE: This rule applies equally to 'list' containers at the document level,
and also at lower levels within the document.)

(3) The document element in the schema will have a content model that is a
sequence of elements, the first of which will be the "Top" element, and the
others will be the generated "List" elements, in the order in which their
contained, repeatable children appeared in the model.

(4) All elements in the generated schema that are direct children of the
generated "top" elements in all documents should be gathered together into a
common aggregate type, named "TopType", which will be declared in the Common
Aggregate Types namespace. This type should be declared abstract, and all
document headers should be extensions - even if only trivial extensions to
facilitate re-naming - of this abstract type. (Note: This rule allows for
polymorphic processing of the set of generic header elements across all
document types.)

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