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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] Rule: 108 XSI prefix

Funny, I just today sent mail to Lisa saying how I didn't feel a need to 
comment on many of these rules, knowing they were in good hands with 
everyone else. :-)  Yet here I am, blathering...

The "xsi" prefix is meant for instances, not schemas.  So what does this 
rule mean?  XSD governs the required use of xsi:type in instances, and 
there is a bit more going on in that namespace than just xsi:type, so 
I'm pretty sure we want to be specific -- e.g., if there are any cases 
where we might require xsi:type although XSD doesn't (e.g., to reduce 
reliance on an external schema file for exposing types of elements).

However, I doubt we want to do anything more than allow constructs in 
the xsi namespace to be used as allowed/dictated by the XSD spec, which 
doesn't seem to need a rule.

Again, if we do turn out to need a rule, it should not make the "xsi" 
prefix not seem like magic.


Lisa-Aeon wrote:
> *******************************
> [R 108] The XSI prefix SHALL be used where appropriate.
> ---
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