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Subject: Import Rules


We discussed this on today's NDR call and are somewhat confused. Rules SSM6 and SSM7 are intended to be design rules, not implementation rules. Can you please provide a detailed example of what you are trying to address.

CK-3.   [Replace the two-level schema import rule with:]
Schema SHOULD import other schemas only when the imported schemas' contents are used in the importing schema. Schema import MUST avoid circular imports that result in loading the same schema more than once.
<!--  Note: it is not non-compliant with XML Schema spec to import the same schema more than once, provided the semantic treatment result in exactly the same as if the schema had been loaded the first time.  But we should rule this more lenient (but not incorrect) spec out in UBL.
--><!--  Note 2: The two-level import restriction has turned out to be too restrictive for implementation.  It needs to be relaxed.  An example wording is proposed above.  -->


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