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Subject: NDRSC Minutes January 28 2004

Dear all
below are the minutes of last week's conference call:


1. Roll call and welcome by the chair Mavis.


Mavis Cournane
Mark Crawford
Lisa Seaburg
Jim Wilson
Eduardo Gutentag
Marion Royal
Sue Probert
Anne Hendry
Michael Grimley

1. identifier schema module.
Gunther Stuhec put forward a new proposal to ATG regarding the handling of 

Becuase identifiers in codes are so uniquely enterwined it is difficult to 
distinguish the different between
the two.
Just like we have a code list schema module we also have an identifier schema 
 that could be handled in the same way as the code list schema module.
Anne Hendry asked: Are identifiers done by external agencies. Give an example. 
CountryCode Identifier
identification of an object and an ASBIE.

There is no difference from a syntactic point of view and can be handled the 
same way.

Not all identifiers are codes, e.g. product codes but they are all handled 

What is the impact on our delivery schedule if we change this. We need to 
consult with Michael Dill to know if he can
do this in terms of the current LC Model.

It will cause a divergence from CEFACT, who have adopted this and TBG 17 core 
component library.
EG: I thought that CEFACT were only doing modelling.

library might need to build a catalogue
It could be realised in the schemas in just one module that treats them both 

TBG17 have said that country identifier is the standard way of dealing with 
ASBIEs - this is not what we have in Beta.
The identifier solution would have to be used.

EG: Verify that ATG is actually creating schemas?
LS: No they will be using the concept of the code list xsd in modelling. 

2. Schedule
Final editing done at the F2F. 

3. The latest version of NDR is on the NDR portal.

Tracking of differences between Beta and Final- Michael was going to provide 
and indentify differences between the NDR rules and the
additional features of XSD you were going to address.
Michael Grimley states: what I have done now is fix all minor errors in the 

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