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Subject: Schema Review: ASBIE Element Creation Rule


Aside from Tim and myself, no one has yet expressed an opinion on the ASBIE issue; speak now or forever hold your peace.

We have a rule that states:

        [ELN3]A UBL global element based on an ccts:ASBIE MUST be
        declared and bound to the xsd:complexType of its associated

I believe that what was expected was something like this:

        <xsd:element name="ReceiptDocumentReference" type="cat:DocumentReferenceType"/>        

which is happening in those cases where the added semantics are needed.

However, in those cases where direct reuse of the global element (ABIE), declared in the Reusable schema, makes sense, we find something like this:

        <xsd:element ref="cat:LegalTotal"/>

                   instead of

        <xsd:element name="InvoiceLegalTotal" type="cat:LegalTotalType"/>

Obviously, a global element *is* being declared and it *is* bound to type 'cat:LegalTotalType', albeit indirectly through the reference to the element 'cat:LegalTotal'.

I agree with Tim, that this is an appropriate reuse of the reusable 'cat:LegalTotal' element. If no one expresses any differing opinions, we (QA) will accept it as conformant to our NDR.

Thank You,
Mike Grimley

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