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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] Schema Review: Property Term Possessive(s)

Well spotted Mike!

The idea of Property Term Possesive and Property Term Noun is to give 
more rigour the naming of Property Terms.  

The Property Term may consist of one or more possessive nouns preceeding 
the mandatory noun.  This ownership is a refinement of the term to make 
a meaningful and recognisable business name.  So we use a modeling 
principle that says "Property Term Possesive(s)" +  space + "Property 
Term Noun" = "Property Term".  NB. The Property Term Possesive is not a 
qualifier - that is the Property Term Qualifier.  The difference is 

The guide is to take any multi-word Property Terms and try and form a 
statement that says "PropertyTermNoun OF THE PropertyTermPossessive" or 
"PropertyTermPossessive's PropertyTermNoun". If this works then the word 
is a possessive noun - if not then it is a Property Term Qualifier.
For example, "Name OF THE Street" or "Street's Name" works for 
Address.StreetName, so Street is the Possessive Noun. Whereas, "Zone OF 
THE Postal" or "Postal's Zone" does not make sense, so Postal is the 

We have been applying this concept since last May, when Mike Adcock 
originated the idea - although it was then called Property Term 
Adjective and Property Term Noun.  It works well and has proven its 
value in forming better and consistent terms.

The lack of any NDR recognition reflects the fact that many NDRs are 
geared around CCTS theory not UBL practice.  This means that many NDRs 
have been phrased around Property Term.  They now need to embody the 
actual UBL Library, such that it is clear "Property Term" in NDR means 
"Property Term Possesive(s)" +  space + "Property Term Noun" .

We did submit this to the CC Review as an enhancement but that review 
cycle fell into a hole and I dont know if we shall see it again.

If it is not being consistently applied with the UBL Name then please 
give an example as it suggests a bug in the formula or generator.

Grimley Michael J NPRI wrote:

>The NDR currently does not consider the "Property Term Possessive(s)" column in the spreadsheet when naming types and or elements.
>    Should the term in this column be ignored?
>    Should we simply consider it another 'qualifier' and use it for that reason?
>    Should we explicitly state its use where appropriate?
>In the spreadsheets, it seems to be consistently used in the 'BIE Dictionary Entry Name' column, but *not* always in the 'UBL Name' column.
>Mike Grimley 
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tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

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