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Subject: Re: [ubl-lcsc] Re: [ubl-ndrsc] UBL: question on CCT language component

Tim McGrath wrote:

> I cannot find where it says they are indicator. Content???  di you 
> mean Identifier. Content?
> In the data model i derived fro the tables in 8-1 and 8-2, you will 
> see that both Language.Identifier and Language.Locale.Identifier are 
> Identifiers and therefore have an Identifer. Content (ie xsd:token). 

But I see that lots of things are identifiers: currency identifier, 
binary object uri, code list agency identifier, etc. They are not all 
components of the Identifier CCT.  Each of the 10 CCTs listed in table 
8-1 have components of many types (I see text, code, and identifier type 
components for each CCT).  Yet the last entry in table 8-1 clearly shows 
language.identifier and language.locale.identifier as belonging to the 
CCT with a D.E.N. of Text.Type.

Couldn't agree more with your following statement.  Especially table 8-2 
which flattens 8-1 in a very obfuscating manner.

> This conundrum exposes the 'flat' structures we have built for CCTs 
> and Rep. Terms , when they should have been more sophisticated.  That 
> is, we should have had things like...
> <Language>
> <Identifier>
> <Content>
> EN
> </Content>
> </Identifier>
> <LocaleIdentifier>
> <Content>
> US
> </Content>
> </LocaleIdentifier>
> </Language>
> where the schema reflects the true structures of the CCTs and not the 
> table

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