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ubl-ndrsc message

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Subject: NDR AI

Hello NDR,

Note that you have an AI described at the bottom of this item from
today's joint SC call:

| Item 2.1
|    Correctly defining re-usable BBIE Properties (Mike Grimley)
|    Closure of yesterday's action items:
|       AI: Mike G.: Clarify rule for how the name of each complex
|           type used for BBIE properties should be formed; David
|           needs a rule, not just an example
|           -- done
|    With regard to the additional postal zone example, we agree as
|    follows:
|       A complex type will be created representing every BBIE
|       property using its property term and representation term.
|       No qualifiers will be used to name the types.
|    AI: Stephen: Review and revise the data models in the next 24
|       hours while David is implementing the rules; record changes
|       in the change log as input to David.
|    AI: David: 
|          Thursday: Implement the rules
|          Friday: Make new schemas based on rule changes and
|             possibly on new models from Stephen, complete schemas
|             by 7 a.m. SF time (17h00 in Berlin)
|    AI: NDRSC: Include rule changes in NDRs.

Note also that the regular NDRSC meeting time next Wednesday (9-10
a.m. daylight time in San Francsico) is available if you want it.


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