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ubl-ndrsc message

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Subject: Proposed NDR change

Hello NDRSC,

I need your action on this question from the mail regarding Common
Core Component Schemas sent earlier today to the ubl list:

| 3. Use of XSD built-in dataypes requiring format Supplementary
|    Component (Date Time, Indicator and Numeric)
|    Our action would be:
|       UBL consider relaxing NDR rule STD1 to allow adoption of the
|       OAG approach.
|    Two questions here:
|     - Are we OK with changing our rule to accommodate convergence
|       with OAG on this item?
|     - Is this something that we can accomplish within our current
|       schedule?

Note with regard to the first question that there are actually three

1. Stick to our current rule and decide not to converge with OAG
   on this aspect of the CC schemas

2. Change our rule globally

3. Make an exception to the rule only for the CC schemas (which
   can be justified as enabling the adoption of a particular set
   of proto-standard schemas whose design is not entirely within
   our control)

I need to know by Friday morning's 7 a.m. joint SC call which of
these options is acceptable.


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