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Subject: 20-01-2020 meeting notes

- Natalie Muric
- Paul Donohoe
- Yves Jordan
- Kenneth Bengtsson
- Ole Madsen
- CÃcile Guasch

History of the business card  were requirements from PEPPOL  and Italy

The charter was agreed within the UBL TC

Ole mentions possible new requirements: it would be to access BRIS data (use case for the Danish government)

Yves and Natalie explain the purpose of the Society Registration Information Notice.

Society Registration Information Notice aims at informing of Consortium: European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG type)
Economic Interest Grouping is another type (EIG )informs about the formation of a grouping of businesses or that there is a liquidation of such a grouping

The reason for this notice is to know where the grouping is registered and until when the grouping exists espcially for clearance of obligations that this grouping is responsible for.

The European Company Notice and The European Cooperative Society Notice allow to publish the Registration, deletion, Transfer-registration and transfer-deletion of organisations that have registered a European Legal Statute.

Natalie will search for a url to those notices.

Society Registration Information Notice  objective is to provide a notice of the Legal status of an organisation.

The SRIN uses extensively the existing BBIEs and does not collide with Business card and related documents.

Next steps

Next steps would be to collect BRIS like requirements and check whether the SRIN covers already those requirements. 
Ole shared with the group a part of the BRIS specification.

The term 'Society' is challenged : - May be use 'Statute' or the BRIS requirements will help chosing a better wording. 

Yves will prepare a presentation of the current schema that is developed for SRIN

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