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Subject: 03-03-2021 meeting notes

Yves Jordan
Ole Madsen
CÃcile Guasch
Paul Donohoe

Society was challenged. Paul came with more information on the topic.
Alternatives: Company, Corporate or Business?

 - Company cannot be used as there can be a group of companies that are not really in a form of a company.

 - Corporate mean is usually a large company or group which is not encompassing the case of SMEs.

 - Business will be used instead. a new proposal is "Business Registration Information Notice." This has the value of being aligned with the UBL vocabulary.

In the specifications of Open PEPPOL the structure of business card  is described using a different approach as the UBL one.
The main difference is on Address :
" Country code
156 o Description: the country code in ISO 3166-2 format (e.g. ÂATÂ for Austria)
157 o Multiplicity: 1..1 (mandatory)
158 ï Geographic information
159 o Description: describes the location or region of the entity that is usually used to
160 identify the entity. This may be an address, a state name etc."

We need more information on why the specs are set in this way. Also understand whether they are really implemented as they are established in the document https://directory.peppol.eu/files/PEPPOL-EDN-Directory-1.1-2018-07-17.pdf.
In practice Open PEPPOL does not use the Geographic information element . See examples: https://directory.peppol.eu/public/locale-en_US/menuitem-search?q=fredericia+kommune

We discuss the "BRIS Merger event described in https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=uriserv:OJ.L_.2015.144.01.0001.01.ENG.

A remaining point is to check how to convey the merger information and the merging companies.

proposal to add an ABIE 'GroupedBusinessParty' 0..n of type Party at the level of BusinessParty.

Liaison with DG JUST has been launched. Waiting for reply.

CÃcile to create Process description not yet started.

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