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Subject: 03-17-2020 Meeting Notes


Paul Donohoe

Yves Jordan

Ole Madsen

Natalie Muric


It was noted the Peppol Business card was created before the UBL business card and there is a discrepancy with the UBL address format.  It would be good to discuss with Philippe Helger from Austria.  An update to Peppol SMP 2.0.  is foreseen in approximately one year and would provide a window of opportunity to suggest this change.


Concering the "BRIS Merger event described in https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=uriserv:OJ.L_.2015.144.01.0001.01.ENG.



Business Registration Information Notice

A remaining point is to check how to convey the merger information and the merging companies:


It was suggested to separate the GroupedBusinessParty into two.  It appeared when discussing the definitions that they were describing different concepts:


GroupedBusinessParty (Cardinality 0..*)

Definition Proposals:

ABIE: GroupedBusinessParty (Cardinality 0..*) Definition: A party that exists and belongs to a business group.

ABIE: MergedBusinessParty (Cardinality 0..*) Definition: A party that existed before it was merged into another party.



ABIE 'GroupedBusinessParty' 0..n of type Party at the level of BusinessParty has been added as a proposal for the schema UBL 2.4. for the BusinessRegistrationInformation Notice.   Also added as a proposal are NorticePurpose (Deletion, Creation, Formation, liquidation  etc) NoticeSubType.


It was agreed to rename NoticePurpose to RegistrationType because the purpose of a notice is to announce so the name was considered obsolete.


ABIE RegistrationType(Cardinality 0.*) Definition: The type of registration information being announced.  Usage note: Such as Deletion, Creation, Formation, liquidation  etc


The definition of the NoticeSubType was discussed:


ABIE: Notice SubType (Cardinality: 0..1): A further classification of the notice type.


Liaison with DG JUST has been launched. Waiting for reply.


CÃcile to create Process description not yet started.



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