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Subject: Minutes of UBL Payments and Finance Subcommittee 26 July 2017 15:30UTC

Minutes of UBL Payments and Finance Subcommittee 26 July 2017 15:30UTC


  Todd Albers (chair)
  Oriol Bausà
  Kenneth Bengtsson (chair)
  Erlend Klakegg Bergheim
  G. Ken Holman (secretary)

Minutes of last meeting:



1. Outreach and liaisons with relevant work groups

 - Todd
   - Business Payments Coalition (BPC) - in-person workshop with vendors
     - published a report in 2013 through X9 regarding a remittance standard
       - no reference to UBL Remittance document
     - webinar 25 July discussing ISO 20022
       - members invited to participate in UBL
     - vendor forum (subset of US market vendors e.g. banks, automation, etc)
       - task force meeting identified areas of opportunities to improve
       - agreed that remittance is a challenge needing a standard format
       - UBL 2.1 Remittance being put forward by Todd, Ken brought forward
         this link from the UBL 2.1 distribution:


 - Erlend informed the committee about project in Norway
   - moving whole of public sector to use PEPPOL for exchange of ISO 20022
     messages with the banks
   - Agency of Economics regarding agreement with the banks
     - up and running by January 2019
   - presented to other organizations, e.g. NHS
     - https://vefa.difi.no/iso20022/
     - all documentation is to be fully open on GitHub in the next few months

2. Deliverables to the UBL TC and to UBL 2.3:
  a) Tradable invoice document

     - from the UBL TC minutes regarding a post to UBL.xml.org

       - entity within the UN responsible for creating model laws
         - legal body of the UN
       - based out of New York, active leadership role from the US
       - Kenneth responded to the original post
- http://ubl.xml.org/forum/adopted-uncitral-model-law-on-electronic-transferable-records
       - the committee will contact the project group at UNCITRAL
     - last meeting we looked through some sample elements for a tradeable
       - Kenneth still to be documenting the details
       - appears to be the same goal as the UNCITRAL project

  b) Blockchain

     - the http://bBiller.com project that Ken is advising has published a
       new version of their whitepaper:


       - not yet identified new document types for UBL related to payments and

     - ISO TC307 - https://www.iso.org/committee/6266604.html

- UN/CEFACT - https://uncefact.unece.org/display/uncefactpublic/Blockchain+White+Paper

  c) Identification of other Payfin work products

     - to be determined

3. Meeting schedule

   - next meeting Wed August 9, 2017 @ 14:30UTC after the UBL TC meeting

4. Any other business

   - none

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