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Subject: Minutes for UBL Pre-award SC call 2 September 2015 13:00UTC

Minutes for UBL Pre-award SC call 2 September 2015 13:00UTC

    Oriol Bausa
    G. Ken Holman
    Ole Madsen (convener)


1.       CalForTenders

-           Do we need more depending on 
TenderEncryptionKey  and documentpackage

Ad. 1 We do not need documentpackage according to eSENS.
            TenderEncryptionKey will be placed in


We will use <cbc:DocumentTypeCode> or 
<cbc:DocumentType> to state EncryptionKey.
We will use Action to handle SoftwareURI


   <cac:DocumentAction> 0..n  ABIE (new): Action

     <cbc:ID> 0..1

     <cbc:Name> 0..1

     <cbc:ActionCode> 1

     <cac:ActionItemProperty> 0..n ABIE (existing): ItemProperty

         <cbc:Name> 1

         <cbc:Value> 0..1

To handle the new requirement for file size 
information we will add a new BBIE to DocumentReference:


    DocumentSizeNumeric 0..1 Numeric The size of the original form of the
                                     file in bytes.

... and a new BBIE to Attachment:


    AttachmentSizeNumeric 0..1 Numeric The size of the attachment in bytes.

2.       Are there request for new UBL documenttypes:
        - Will there be need for some new - based on new Notices from 2015
        - Will there be a need for a new combined 
Qualification based on eCertis, VCD and ESPD

Ad. 2 In CENBII3 there have been done some work 
according to the new Notices and we will address 
this in UBL. We will find the GABS in 
Qualification Request and a combined Qualification and address this in UBL.

3.       Are there request for new Pre-Award 
Procurement components of the UBL common library 
model elements in UBL common library model :

-          Yes from above

4.       Are there request for new codelists:

-          Need to look at languages - see Jira ticket

  Ad. 4 Remember to fill column N in the 
spreadsheet when referencing a code list that is 
to be incorporated into the UBL-supplied XSLT second-pass validation.

JIRA tickets


    Next meetings:

          2015-10-14  Atlantic 13:00UTC/15:00CEST/9:00EDT

    Will anyone be requesting a leave of absence in the near future?  For
    privacy reasons, this discussion will be kept off of the minutes.

Venlig hilsen/Best Regards
Ole Madsen
T   +45 4090 6064
M  +45 2331 3133
E  olema@digst.dk 
Landgreven 4, Postboks 2193
1017 København K

Ministry of Finance
Agency for Digitisation
Landgreven 4, Postboks 2193
DK-1017 Copenhagen K
T   +45 3392 8000

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