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ubl-pre-award message

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Subject: Minutes of UBL Pre-award SC call 14. December 2016 16.30 CEST


Minutes of UBL Pre-award SC call 14. December 2016  16.30 CEST




   Oriol Bausà

   G. Ken Holman

   Ole Madsen (convener)

   Enric Staromiejski Torregrosa




1.       Welcome to Enric




2.       Mail from Cecile

Ole write mail to Cecile



3.       What do we miss in UBL 2.2


Something from this:  http://ec.europa.eu/DocsRoom/documents/20228 and TED

Something from CCCEV/ESPD


4.        Comments from Enric

1.        In the Response you use QuantityType and NumericType. However I can’t find any XML instance sample where Numeric is used and the documentation is quite ambiguous. I must admit that I don’t quite understand the difference between both.


Ad. 1 Ken comments on UBL Preaward list


2.       In “cac:TenderingCriterionRequirement” you have “cbc:MaximumQuantity, cbc:MinimumQuantity, and cbc:MaximimQuantity” elements. We also have now an identical requirement but not only for Quantities but also for Amounts and percentages. My question is: if you needed to specify an amount or a percentage in the TenderingCriterionRequirement would  you use always the QuantityType and use the unitCode attribute to specify whether the Quantity is Euros or Percentage? This doesn’t seem very canonical, does it?


Ad.2  “cac:TenderingCriterionRequirement”  changed in next release


3.     cac:SubsiduaryTenderingCriteriaGroup Should be cac:SubsidiaryTenderingCriteriaGroup

Ad. 3 Changed in next release





   Next meetings:




   Will anyone be requesting a leave of absence in the near future?  For

   privacy reasons, this discussion will be kept off of the minutes.



Best regards/Venlig hilsen


Ole Ellerbæk Madsen

T   +45 4090 6064
M  +45 2331 3133
E   olema@digst.dk



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