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ubl-pre-award message

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Subject: Pre-award meeting Minutes of meeting 05 June 2019

Dear all, 
Please find here after the minutes of today's meeting.


Natalie Excused.

1. UBL-222 Commented in Jira.
2. UBL-223On-going investigation to check how SDMX and/or XBRL can be used as a source of inspiration. The source for a definition of SMEs is added as a comment in the Jira ( ÂEU Recommendation 2003/361Â)
3. UBL-225
The information elements are relating to the organisation so they should be added to the party. This impacts post award and will be dicussed in the TC.
4. UBL-212

3 proposals have been described. Pros and cons of each solution will be discussed further. As the retained solution may impact post ward , this will also be discussed in the TC.

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