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ubl-pre-award message

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Subject: Pre-award meeting - minutes of 19 June 2019




Old and new values: Are they needed?
	Â Allows to check that the changes are applied consistently
	Â To show the differences without too much processing: 
	no need to access the previous notice
ChangeReason--> ChangeReasonDescription
Element--> ChangedElement 

The ElementURi examples will be provided by Enric. Using the urn syntax  introduced in naming and design rules (to ask to Ken ?)

Do we need to convey the types for the changed values of an element?
Meaning using ResponseValue ABIE instead of Text .

Why: if we want  check that the changes are applied to the notice.
 If we want to provide the capacity to trigger back office process from the change information directly.
Not valid arguments as there is no business need. So the Old and New values will be text.

When procurement documents have changed Old and new value will not be known , the change in unstructured data is not reflected in the structured notice data.
The changeControl still needs to be instantiated with information about the changeDate and ElementUri will be filled in.

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