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ubl-pre-award message

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Subject: Draft charter for the e-Government subcomitte

Dear all please find here a first draft for the new subcomitte :, which I believ ea more appropriate naming would be Business Master Data Language.

Name : 
The name of the subcommittee shall be Business Master Data Language

Statement of Purpose
The aim of this sub committee shall be as follows:
To harmonise the syntax used in exchange of Business master data information required by governments or other bodies to businesses that is not linked to a specific process of the supply chain. This includes exchange of information mandated by governments such as in the EU Anti Money Laundering directive, Single Digital Gateway regulation , Public procurement directives, Business Register Information System, etc  .

Providing such a language will support facilitating the streamlining and the automation of the exchange of such information. In particular it will be a cost saving instrument for SMEs.

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