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Subject: PSC F2F Meeting - Logistics details

If you are planning to attend the PSC F2F meeting 20 September, 2005 in
Brussels, the meeting details are listed below. IDA has graciously agreed to
host this meeting.  
Tim McGrath needs to know before 15 September 2005 who plans to attend.
Please email him if you will be attending. Security regulations require that
all attendees at the meeting provide advance notification.

The venue is:
 Breydel building
 av. d'Auderghem, 45
 B-1040 Brussels
It is very close to rond-point Schuman. Bus 12 goes directly from the
Airport to Schuman.
The exact location details are here:
The precise room is "BREY 8/293" but you cannot get there alone. Emilio will
pick up at the lobby.
Emilio would need to have a list of the participants for the security
The meeting room is booked from 9:00 to 18:00. 

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