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Subject: PaymentMeans in the Swedish subset

Hi, and thanks for a very interesting meeting in Brussels!
We had a discussion regarding the cardinality for payment means. In the Swedish subset (UBL 1.0) we had to extend the cardinality to 0..n because it's very common to state at least two means of payment in a Swedish invoice.
I have attached an invoice-picture (in Swedish unfortunately) the payment means are marked in red. This is a very common scenario in Sweden (and Norway I think).
I was told that PaymentMeans has also been added to PaymentTerms, and PaymentTerms has cardinality 0..n, but is this really the way to go here?
If we would use the PaymentTerms to allow more than one PaymentMeans, the Swedish subset won’t be interoperable with the Danish subset.
Best regards,
Martin Forsberg
SFTI Tekniska kansli
More info regarding the Swedish subset:
http://www.amnis.se/svefaktura/SFTI_Basic_Invoice20041108_EN/index.html (temporary website)


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