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Subject: draft 5 comments: ReasonResponse and LegalTotal

Looking at the new spreadsheets (thanks Peter), I find
just one thing which doesn't look right:

We have ReasonResponse in AccountResponse and
DiscrepancyResponse in CreditNote, etc - both using
and qualifying an ABIE called Response
1. the definitions for Response's BBIEs are too specific, 
relating primarily to the DiscrepancyResponse case
2. I question the clarity of the name of the 'Response'
ABIE - I'd think that 'Reason' would be better with
qualified ASBIEs 'ResponseReason' and 'DiscrepancyReason'
(The ABIE's BBIEs could still be ResponseCode and ResponseNote)

On a positive note, I'm very glad to see a BIE in LegalTotal
called ToBePaidAmount. This is better than 'TaxInclusiveTotalAmount'
since it applies to invoices which do not have any tax at all
(for non-tax-registered parties, say). However, I don't now see
the need to keep 'TaxInclusiveTotalAmount' as the ToBePaidAmount
is the same thing (and I like the principle of not having two BIEs
for the same semantic purpose - it overcomplicates implementation
and can lead to needless confusion). This is worse because both
are given 1..1 cardinality - both are mandatory - in draft 5. I'd
strongly suggest we remove TaxInclusiveTotalAmount and also
make ToBePaidAmount optional (0..1). At worst though, if for some
reason we have to keep TaxInclusiveTotalAmount, it should be
optional. Maybe, especially in the latter situation (having to keep
both) ToBePaidAmount could be mandatory (1..1) - if we had to
keep TaxInclusiveTotalAmount, I think TaxInclusiveTotalAmount
should then be optional (0..1) and ToBePaidAmount should then be
mandatory (1..1).

All the best

Stephen Green

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