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ubl-psc message

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Subject: PSC content delivery estimate urgently needed

Hello PSC,

I need the content delivery estimate requested in the message
below as soon as possible.


   Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 11:47:04 -0700 (PDT)
   From: jon.bosak@sun.com

   Hello UBL TC,

   In beginning to revise the UBL 2.0 schedule, it's becoming clear
   that we're not going to hit our target of 7 November to begin
   public review.  Partly this is because OASIS administration has
   not proven as quick to process submissions as we originally
   thought (as shown by the delay in getting the SBS into review),
   but mostly it's because the content work has gone more slowly than
   we had hoped.  Working backward week by week from the beginning of
   the public review, the CD cycle looks something like this:

      Week N-9  Finish content definition and essential prose
      Week N-8  Approve content and begin schema generation
      Week N-7  Validate schemas
      Week N-6  Assemble candidate Committee Draft
      Week N-5  Q/A candidate Committee Draft
      Week N-4  Revise candidate Committee Draft
      Week N-3  Ballot Committee Draft
      Week N-2  Submit approved Committee Draft to OASIS
      Week N-1  OASIS processing (best case)
      Week N    Begin public review

   In order to have been able to begin public review 7 November, we
   would have to have completed phase 1 content work last week, and
   that didn't happen.  So we must revise the schedule.

   To do that, we need firm estimates of when the phase 1 content
   work is going to be finished.  (Note that this doesn't mean
   perfect, it just means ready for the first public review.)
   Specifically, we need the PSC and TSC to provide short-term
   timelines for completion of their first set of spreadsheets in a
   form ready for schema generation.  It would be best to have those
   estimates this week if possible.


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