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Subject: content spreadsheets Re: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call19 October 2005

I've had a bit of a look at several of the spreadsheets and, while
my remit (due to disconnection from PSC meetings, etc) is 
strictly non-content, I've found there there are significant content
errors (such as some completely missing ABIEs) which make me
wonder whether it is worth continuing to correct editorial stuff
before the content is right. All in all I agree that it looks unlikely
this will meet the new target date. I had been under the impression
there was agreement that changes would be kept to those already
agreed and others only added as review amendments but it seems to me
the content is still changing so I hardly think editorial work will be able
to keep up with this. I only see one way around this - to first agree
and freeze the content with anything not agreed being put off till
the review and added as review items - then once it is frozen to
have a prolonged editorial phase in which any content errors can
be resolved as far as is necessary to load things into EF (I thought
this was happening now) - then QA with EF (roundtripping, etc).
This would take long enough but certainly, I think, there can't be
further content changes in addition to this, only those required as
corrections to make the model consistent (e.g. to mend broken
ASBIE links).

For now I need to check the spreadsheets back in with PSC (not
sure I even had them checked out).

All the best


>>> <jon.bosak@sun.com> 20/10/05 22:45:28 >>>
15H00 - 17H00 UTC WEDNESDAY 19 OCTOBER 2005
      PSC: SW: We have the content, it's just not clean enough
      yet; SG hopes to be able to work on this over the next week,
      but it's highly unlikely we will make the 24th.

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