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Subject: Missing ABIEs Re: [ubl-psc] New spreadsheet following today'scall

Just to point out, there seem to be two missing ABIEs
in the model spreadsheets - CreditedDocument and
DebitedDocument which should be in Procurement

All the best


>>> Mark Leitch <ml@tritorr.com> 24/10/05 11:01:41 >>>
Attached is V2 of the Procurement Library spreadsheet.  Please read in
conjunction with Timˆs notes.
In order to complete this work in the proposed timeframe, I would like to
call three more calls this week.

Tuesday 09:00 GMT (by Skype)
Wednesday 09:00 GMT (using the normal UBL bridge)
Friday 09:00 GMT (by Skype)

Regards, Mark

Mark Leitch
Director - Tritorr Ltd
Tel.:   +44 1932 821112
Cell.:  +44 7881 822999
Mail:   ml@tritorr.com 
Site:   www.tritorr.com 

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