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Subject: SV: [ubl-psc] Missing ABIEs Re: [ubl-psc] Newspreadsheetfollowing today's call

Peter, PSC

Just to add further that this change will have a major
impact on HISC and they probably should have a 
chance to comment.

All the best


>>> "Stephen Green" <stephen_green@bristol-city.gov.uk> 24/10/05 15:46:49 >>>
Hi Peter, PSC

The references are in the CreditNoteLine and DebitNoteLine.

How about 'BillingDocumentLine' - the same would apply to this.

I take it schemas won't be generatable until these are fixed. 

I would point out too that there need to be many corresponding
changes to the Defintions in many places to cater for the new
'BillingDocument' ABIE and related, changed ABIEs.

All the best


>>> Peter Larsen Borresen <plb@itst.dk> 24/10/05 15:35:13 >>>
Hi Stephen

Credited Document and Debited Ducument are replaced wiuth BillingDucuments.
It there still exists references to them, they should be removed.

Kind regards


-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Stephen Green [mailto:stephen_green@bristol-city.gov.uk] 
Sendt: 24. oktober 2005 15:28
Til: ubl-psc@lists.oasis-open.org 
Emne: [ubl-psc] Missing ABIEs Re: [ubl-psc] New spreadsheet following
today's call

Just to point out, there seem to be two missing ABIEs
in the model spreadsheets - CreditedDocument and
DebitedDocument which should be in Procurement

All the best


>>> Mark Leitch <ml@tritorr.com> 24/10/05 11:01:41 >>>
Attached is V2 of the Procurement Library spreadsheet.  Please read in
conjunction with Tim^s notes.
In order to complete this work in the proposed timeframe, I would like to
call three more calls this week.

Tuesday 09:00 GMT (by Skype)
Wednesday 09:00 GMT (using the normal UBL bridge)
Friday 09:00 GMT (by Skype)

Regards, Mark

Mark Leitch
Director - Tritorr Ltd
Tel.:   +44 1932 821112
Cell.:  +44 7881 822999
Mail:   ml@tritorr.com 
Site:   www.tritorr.com 

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