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ubl-psc message

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Subject: PSC work on Common Library

Title: PSC work on Common Library
Please regard the attached spreadsheet as minutes of this morning’s PSC meeting.

Depending on availability of participants, there may be a further meeting on Friday morning at 0800 UTC.
These extra meetings are in the interests of completing the workload within a very tight timescale.

I will post a further email when it’s known whether the meeting will take place or not.
We will be using Skype for this meeting.  In preparation, anyone wishing to participate shouls pass me their Skype details so I can call them in to the meeting.

Regards, Mark

Mark Leitch
Director - Tritorr Ltd
Tel.:   +44 1932 821112
Cell.:  +44 7881 822999
Mail:   ml@tritorr.com
Site:   www.tritorr.com

UBL Spreadsheet Notes Common Library V2.xls

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