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Subject: Minutes of Procurement SubCommittee Meeting 31st Oct 2005

Title: Minutes of Procurement SubCommittee Meeting 31st Oct 2005
Peter Borresen
Mark Leitch
Tim McGrath
Sylvia Webb

  1. UDTs and QDTs
    1. Tim will update this week
  2. Order Reference ABIE
    1. changed to include only Sales Order ID and Transaction Reference elements
    2. ASBIE to Document Reference
  3. Line Status Code
    1. removed from all Billing Documents as changes to one Billing Document e.g. Invoice, are reflected in a separate Billing Document e.g. Credit Note (rather than in a change to the original Document
    2. Issue of Line Status Code for other Documents will be discussion point in next week’s meeting
      1. we would welcome anyone’s constructive views on this in the interim.
  4. Peter will draft Attachment and Digital Signature this week
    1. Attachment should include a hash of the attachment for integrity checking
  5. Peter will start work this week to resolve the ABIE errors highlighted by Edifix
  6. Catalogue
    1. Catalogue group teleconference tomorrow (1 Nov) to sign off on output from the Copenhagen workshops
    2. Catalogue message and impact on Procurement and Common Libraries will be drafted this week by Tim.

Final points:
ML - Procurement and Catalogue work have now more or less come into synch and it makes sense to incorporate Catalogue as we go forward, particularly as the work done on Item in the Catalogue workshops itself is key to the subsequent procurement process.  This means that we are now aiming for a completion date (ready for schema generation) of 11th November to include the Catalogue / Item work.
ALL – some concern that 2.0 release may be delayed by expansion of the Transportation group and proposal of additional messages.  All – we must stick to the plan as closely as possible and relegate to 2.0+ all work that could cause lengthy delays to 2.0.  ML – this has implications for OGC (UK Government) re. the use of UBL 2.0 in the Zanzibar Project.

Next Meeting:
UBL Bridge – 0800 UTC – Monday 7th November.

Mark Leitch
Director - Tritorr Ltd
Tel.:   +44 1932 821112
Cell.:  +44 7881 822999
Mail:   ml@tritorr.com
Site:   www.tritorr.com

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