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Subject: ISS-11 and ISS-9 revisited (and clarification)

i don't really want to revisit past decisions but while documenting the 
changes proposed for these two issues (the LegalTotal ones) i realized 

I had written down...
* create "AnticipatedTotal" that has the same structure as LgealTotal 
but PayableAmount is optional and LineExtensionAmount is mandatory.
* Order and Order Change use AnticipatedTotal and it is optional.
* Order Response uses legalTotal and it is optional.
* Invoice uses LegalTotal and it is mandatory (as it is already)
* Quotation uses LegalTotal and it is mandatory

however it occurs to me there may be a more elegant solution.

there are some weaknesses with what we proposed.
* firstly, the names LegalTotal and AnticipatedTotal are not very 
meaningful as it does not say total of what.  we assume it means total 
amounts but the name doesn't give us that.
* secondly, why can't AnticipatedTotal be the same cardinalities as 
LegalTotal?  why have LineExtensionAmount mandatory when you may just as 
well make PayableAmount mandatory?  The buyer is as much able to specify 
one as the other.
* finally, we also need to decide how to deal with other document types 
that use LegalTotal, viz. Credit Note, Debit Note, Self Billing Credit 
Note, Reminder, Freight Invoice

this leads me to think we need only one structure for Totals. we could 
call it something like TotalAmount or MonetaryTotal or FinancialTotal. 
and if you use it you must have a PayableAmount.

we then qualify its use:
Quotation has Quoted_TotalAmount (and it is mandatory, 1..1)
Order and OrderChange has Anticipated_TotalAmount (and it is optional, 0..1)
Order Response has Legal_TotalAmount (and it is optional, 0..1)
Invoice,Self Billed Invoice, Credit Note, Self Billing Credit Note, 
Reminder, Freight Invoice have Legal_TotalAmount (and it is mandatory 1..1)
Debit Note has Requested_TotalAmount (and it is mandatory, 1..1)

Does this seem a worthy alternative (given the terms may be refined a 
bit more)?

Can we discuss it Wednesday?

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160
web: http://www.portcomm.com.au/tmcgrath

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